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Staples Launches "Easy 3D" Printing Service, Just In Time For Best Holiday Parties Ever

But can it copy a ream of printing paper?

Yep, 3-D printing is coming to your local Staples—but, for now, only if you are in Europe. Staples and partner Mcor have announced a new store-pickup based 3-D printing service called Staples Easy 3D. Engadget's Sharik Sakr reports that the service will be available for Belgian and Dutch customers in early 2013.

Using Staples Easy 3D, customers can upload files to the office megastore's website and then have 3-D models sent to their home or nearest retail location for pickup. Staples' announcement is the largest embrace of 3-D printing to date by a retail chain. The announcement was made at the Euromold 2012 conference.

Staples says it will open the service in other countries eventually, but did not say when it might come to the U.S.

[Image: Wikimedia user Eventorbot]