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Google's Nexus 4 Arrives To Mixed Reviews: Great Phone, Hurt By Supply-Chain Flaws

News, comments, and reviews about Google's new Nexus 4 smartphone are everywhere. And while reviews of the device have been generally good, critiques of supply chain mis-management and product shortages have been stinging.

The shortage is a shame because the Nexus 4 is Google's latest attempt to be a brand champion, of sorts, for the entire Android smartphone brigade. Because it's a Google-approved machine, like the other Nexus devices, the idea is that it's closer to Google's own technology and plans and thus may deliver a glimpse of the future of Android experiences before that of any other Android manufacturer partner.

The supply slip up (and unfortunate glass-back issues) comes as there are fresh rumors that Amazon is planning its own smartphone, and that Microsoft may be releasing a Surface-branded smartphone too—both are due in 2013.

[Image: Flickr user sterlic]