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Photo Of NYPD Officer Giving Homeless Man New Boots Goes Viral After Going Up On Facebook

This photo of New York City police Lawrence DePrimo giving a pair of boots to a homeless man has gone viral after the NYPD put it up on its Facebook page. The good deed was snapped by a tourist from Arizona, who forwarded a written description—not, you understand, a formal statement—to the relevant department. The NYPD asked her to email the photo, she duly did so, they stuck it on Facebook and, voila, 275,000 "Likes" and 16,000-plus comments.

Cynics may huff and puff that the story amounts to nothing more than an exercise in rebranding law enforcement online—Jennifer Foster, the tourist who took the shot works as a civil communications director in an Arizona sheriff's office. But maybe it's more than that—strip away the protagonists of the story and you've got an individual act of charity that continues the conversation started in the aftermath of Sandy.

[Image by Jennifer Foster]