Groupon CEO Andrew Mason: I’d Be The First To Fire Myself, But Groupon’s Here To Stay

Responding to rumors that Groupon board members are considering booting him as CEO, Andrew Mason says it would be “weird” if they weren’t thinking about it.

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason: I’d Be The First To Fire Myself, But Groupon’s Here To Stay

Today, Andrew Mason responded to a report by AllThingsD claiming he could be out as Groupon‘s CEO.


At Business Insider’s Ignition conference today, Mason said he’d be the first person to fire himself if he felt he wasn’t fit to lead the company.

“Here’s a news flash: Our stock is down 80 percent since we IPO’d a year ago,” he said. “It would be weird if the board wasn’t discussing whether or not I’m the right guy to do the job.”

Although Groupon, which has 40 million active users in 35 countries, reported a revenue increase of nearly 81% since last year, its international business grew just 3% in the same period.

But not all is so bleak. Mason reports about a third of Groupon’s transactions are happening on mobile devices, likely in part thanks to an August app redesign. And Groupon Goods, the company’s foray into online retail for physical products, raked in nearly $500 million in its first year of business.

Mason explained Groupon Goods as a way for the company to “fill in the blanks,” saying that one of the problems with the daily deals business is the difficulty in keeping them relevant for users, particularly those who reside in the outer suburbs of large cities. Being able to offer goods, Mason explains, gives those consumers more options they might find appealing, rather one or two weekly emails for offers that are “completely irrelevant” to them.

And although Mason repeatedly emphasized Goods will play a prominent roll in Groupon’s future road map, he says he is “absolutely not” looking to directly compete with Amazon. Goods, he says, offers a different value proposition for a different kind of shopper.


“We’re about showing you not 1,000 TVs, but one TV, and the promise that it’s a good TV for a price you’re not going to find anywhere else,” he says.

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