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Cyber Monday Brings Mobile Shopping Boom. And Social? Meh, Mixed Signals

Cyber Monday sales were up an estimated 30%, according to the Wall Street Journal. Most of the buyers favored mobile payments over social, something that fits right in with Marissa Mayer's philosophy for Yahoo. One of the big winners was PayPal, with a 190% increase in mobile payments worldwide, a 40% increase on the preceding Black Friday. (Perhaps all those "sponsored posts"—or, what some people call ads—are paying off.)

Although the best-known online retailer, Amazon, never releases its Cyber Monday sales figures, craft site Etsy released some happy stats. It found that more people bought stuff on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday, with shops reporting an average sales increase of 27%. One in three purchases were made on a mobile, compared with one in four on normal days.

If you're wanting to know how sales through social media sites fared, then there are mixed messages. Although analytics from Adobe claimed that social shopping had doubled in the past year, with 2% of visits to e-commerce sites coming via social media. IBM, on the other hand, claimed that shopping on social had decreased by 26%, generating just 0.41% of sales. The difference? Pinterest, apparently. While Adobe factored it into its stats, IBM did not. What will be interesting, however, is when Facebook starts revealing the money it's making through its new Gifts service, which started running in September.