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iPhone 5 Returns Apple To Top Smartphone Spot In U.S.

Although Samsung knocked the iPhone off its perch as the most popular smartphone in the world earlier this month, the release of the iPhone 5 has done Apple some good business in its native land. Smartphone users in the U.S. are most likely to use an iPhone, latest figures from Kantar WorldPanel ComTech show. Smartphones using iOS account for 48.1% of the market, compared with Android's share of 46.7%, and analysts expect the iPhone to hold its place for at least three quarters.

Android, however, holds all the cards in the rest of the world. Of all the countries surveyed, Google's OS was the clear leader, with Samsung's Android phones selling best of all, with a 27.1% market share. Apple handsets were in second place, followed by HTC.

On the worldwide tablet front, it still looks like the iPad is the dominant tablet, with 55% of the market theirs. Android tablets, however, are catching up, and ripped 14% of Apple's share for its own. We will, of course, have to wait to see what the effect of the iPad Mini has on tablet sales.