7 Ways To Turn Your Instagrams Into Real-World Keepsakes

Taking Instagrams of your holiday gifts? These 7 services let you turn your Instagrams into the gift itself.

Instagram is no stranger to the fact that the holidays are synonymous with sharing. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing service just enjoyed a record-breaking, photo-stuffed Thanksgiving, with more than 10 million photos shared on the day of all things delicious. As we enter the throes of gift-giving season, no doubt people will continue to share their holiday happenings. And a crop of companies is taking your Instagrams off the screen and into the real world. Here, we’ve rounded up 7 of them:


Printstagram, run by California outfit Social Print Studio, prints your Instagrams in a variety of sizes and forms. Order a few dozen of your favorites photos as square prints ($12), Polaroid-style Miniprints ($48 for 12), or bite-sized Tinybooks ($10 for 3). Can’t narrow it down to your favorite 50? The $40 tear-out calendar lets you choose 365 of ’em, while posters can cram in up to 400.

All you need is an empty wall to use Projecteo, a teeny, LED-powered slide projector that turns your Instagrams into luminescent, 2.5-foot spreads. Creative agency Mint Digital has already raised more than three times its goal on Kickstarter, where you can still snag your own Projecteo and one photo wheel–good for nine photo slides–starting at $25.

CanvasPop‘s PicturePerfect technology lets you create larger-than-life canvas mounts of your photos without turning them into blown-up, grainy messes. Choose from a 12″x12″ option for $39.95 or a 20″x20″ for $114. As a bonus (we think), each print is finished off with a bulletproof (?) laminate.


Instaprint is a location-based photobooth that wirelessly connects to your phone to crank out charming, Polaroid-style snapshots. The contraption, designed by Brooklyn-based company Breakfast, practically demands it become a fixture of holiday parties for tech-lovers. Breakfast reached just shy of half its funding goal on Kickstarter last spring peddling Instaprints at $400 a pop. But you can still rent them out, given you have a friend (or 10) to split the bill–a full-day session will set you back $7,500.

Another creation by Mint Digital, StickyGram turns your Instagrams into magnets that are roughly the same size as the photos on your screen. $14.99 will get you a set of 9 stickables. As an added perk, StickyGrams come with free worldwide shipping.

Between all the scrolling and tapping, viewing photos on a mobile device can sometimes feel like work. Enter the Instacube, a digital photo frame that displays your Instagrams and is fit for the modern mantle. Silicon Valley design studio Design To Matter ran a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that ended in September, but it’s currently accepting pre-orders on its website.


We’ve previously referred to Socialmatic–the meta-tastic, real-life Instagram camera–as “Urban Outfitters semi-ironic stocking stuffer chic.” As it turns out, this concept camera’s creator, Antonio De Rosa, has since secured enough investor funding to actually bring the Socialmatic to market. De Rosa writes that he’ll have a first prototype complete by the end of the year. No word on what the camera might ultimately cost, but we’re guessing it’s a little more wallet-friendly than the Instaprint.

[Image: Flickr user Piero Fissore]

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