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The Tea Capsule Is Coming

Nothing is as simple as making a cup of tea. Put water in kettle, boil water, pour over teabag in large mug and leave to stew, adding as much milk as you want. (Well, that's how I make mine.) And now there's , which is being billed as the leaf-drinker's version of Nespresso, which shortens the brewing time of a perfect cup of tea from four to two minutes.

It's been cooked up in the Beverages Lab (cough) of Cambridge Consultants, a technology and design consultancy in the U.K. and is, one assumes, not totally serious, but at the same time, deadly serious. Rather like the London mayor, Boris Johnson. Anyway, Edward and Roger, the two product demonstrators, talk grandiloquently of filling, dispense and brewing, of centrifugal forces, of air bubbling through the tea to reduce the bitter notes, and of CES 2013, where you'll be able to see them in action.

If Nespresso is embodied by George Clooney, then Tê is the capsule version of George Formby, with a knotted handkerchief and rolled up trousers on.