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82% Of All Web Sharing Done Via Copy-And-Paste: Report

A new study from web advertising giant 33Across indicates that copy-and-pasting, not share buttons, is still the most popular way of sharing web content.

A new study indicates that the vast majority of online content sharing occurs via copy-and-paste. The report, which was published in November by web advertising firm 33Across, says that 82% of all content sharing is conducted via copy-and-paste. This will likely surprise many web publishers who have been focusing on adding share buttons, badges, and social network applets to their pages to boost readership. The research from 33Across also says that image copy-and-pasting lags far behind the rest; only 12% of total copies are of images.

It should be noted that 33Across has a vested interest in promoting copy-and-pasting: Among the company's holdings is Tynt, a copy-and-paste optimization firm.

[Image: Flickr user JennieWoo]