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Oppa! South Korean Rapper Psy's Gangnam Style Ousts Justin Bieber's Baby As Most Watched YouTube Video

Given the popularity of that dance, it was only going to be a matter of time before the video for South Korean rapper Psy's Gangnam Style became the most-watched clip on YouTube. The Korean megastar became the video social network's top dog on Saturday, overtaking Canadian teen Justin Bieber with around 805 million views. As of Monday morning, Bieber's stats have remained pretty much static, while Psy has boogied past the 825 million mark.

Larry Kim has compiled a grandiose technicolor infogram on his WordStream blog of all the factoids and stats on Psy and the young heartthrob he knocked off the pedestal. No mention, however, is made of the intrinsic difference of the two hairstyles. Are you in favor of the mature, slicked-back look of Psy, or do you prefer Bieber's blown-forward-with-the-strength-of-a-Sandy, post-pubescent 'do?

Psy's victory over the Biebs may have caused great wailing and gnashing of teeth in households inhabited by adolescent girls (who are now, no doubt, playing Baby on constant loop in the hope of re-installing their master back where he belongs in YouTube's rankings), but Psy's eventual dominance was perhaps a foregone conclusion. Back in September, Psy had already set the record for the most "liked" video on YouTube, according to a press release from Starcount.

[Image via WordStream blog]