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For Some Hurricane Sandy Victims, Thanksgiving Will Be Delivered On Wheels Courtesy Of NYC Food Trucks

A mobile Thanksgiving brings food to New Yorkers affected by the storm.

Weeks have passed since Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, but some New Yorkers are still dealing with power outages in areas such as the Rockaways and Staten Island. Trendy and gourmet as they may be, some New York City trucks are making special Thanksgiving Day deliveries to residents of Sandy's hardest-hit areas.

You can see a list of the trucks that have been helping hurricane victims on Twitter.

We recently wrote about how, in the direct aftermath of the storm, JetBlue reached out to New York City's food trucks to help bring meals to storm-ravaged areas.

Since then, dozens of trucks have served up thousands of free meals, bolstered by fundraising intiatives—including an Indiegogo campaign.

Image: Mike n Willie's

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