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On Syfy's New "Robot Combat League," 8-Foot-Tall Robo-Wrestlers Will Grind Each Others' Gears

Pro wrestling and reality television star Chris Jericho will host Syfy's latest offering. And next year brings the Discovery Channel's "Robogeddon."

As amazing as UFC is, it now has a competitor. The Syfy cable network has announced a new sports show featuring giant battling robots, called the Robot Combat League. According to Entertainment Weekly's James Hibberd, the program's first episode will air in February. Unlike earlier robot-fighting television shows such as Comedy Central's Battle Bots, Syfy's show will feature eight-foot-tall humanoid, fully articulated robots engaged in actual fighting. Pro wrestler-turned-Dancing With the Stars personality Chris Jericho will host.

Robot Combat League will feature 12 teams of robots backed up by human engineers and "robo-jockeys"manning the remote controls. NBCUniversal, Syfy's parent company, beat entertainment heavyweights James Cameron and Mark Burnett to the punch—The Discovery Channel will be airing a similar show by the pair called Robogeddon in 2013.

[Image: Wikimedia user Confy2]

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