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Hackers Deface Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Pages

A group of hackers have scored a coup by hacking into the Vice Prime Minister of Israel's social media pages and Blogger blog. Most worrying for the Israelis, however, is the ZCompany Hacking Crew's claim that it has got into Silvan Shalom's Gmail account. The hackers say they will leak emails tomorrow.

The ZHC managed to infiltrate Shalom's official Facebook page, swapping the main banner photo for a pro-Palestine image. The page is now down. The same has been done for Shalom's YouTube page, and his Twitter account isn't looking too healthy, either.

The most notorious hackers, Anonymous, have claimed that the ZHC's work is part of their #OpIsrael campaign, but the ZHC have denied this in several tweets. "ZHC are not Anonymous. We work with Anon on some projects but we are a completely separate team," said one.