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Want By Svpply Delivers A Daily Dose Of Personalized Retail Therapy To Your iPad

Svpply is paring down its thousands of products to show you a daily mini-magazine of the 50 items it thinks you'll like most.

Svpply, the product discovery and shopping service, has been shaking a few tricks out of their well-tailored sleeves since they got acquired by eBay in September.

Its newest offering is a beautiful new iOS app called Want, which delivers you a daily mini-catalog of products from the thousands that are uploaded by the Svpply community of tastemakers.

Want is designed to make it easier for you to find products relevant to you without a lot of effort. When you first sign in, you'll be prompted to either create a Svpply account or log in, after which you can tell Want to feature men's, women's, or gender-neutral products in your personal issue. Then each day, you'll be delivered a new slate of roughly 50 products to peruse and covet. And the more you tell Want which items you like, the better it'll get to know your personal taste and show you more relevant products accordingly.

And, much in the way Svpply's flagship iOS app works, if a product on Want catches your eye, you can click a "Buy" button that will take you to that brand's website so you can purchase right within the app.

[Images: Svpply]

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