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Secret Apple Store On eBay Hawks Refurbished Devices

Apple has set up shop on eBay to hawk refurbished products. It's got the snappy title of Refurbished Outlet, rather than something more in keeping with Apple's philosophy—iBay, for example.

Neither eBay nor Apple would comment on the store, but 9to5Mac has done its detective work. Prices for the refurbished items are the same as you'd find on the Apple Store, and the products come with the same thing: one-year warranty; refurbed so they look like new; burn-in testing; new battery; original OS re-installed; comes with a manual and cable; and final-inspected for quality by Apple.

There is just one thing: Apple's design department must have broken out in hives when they saw the page design. Jony Ive would probably rather phone in sick than navigate his way there.