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Viggle Acquires GetGlue, And Social TV Gets Bigger, Stickier

Viggle, which considers itself a TV "loyalty service," has just revealed it's going to acquire social TV app GetGlue for $25 million in cash and 48 million shares. Viggle will own the entire brand and employees, and operate both its own services and GetGlue's, and GetGlue's founder/CEO Alex Iskold will join Viggle's management team and board.

GetGlue's been building strength since Fast Company spoke to Iskold earlier this year. The company has positioned itself as a go-to app for augmented information when you're watching a TV show, part of the battle for the second screen that we're all using more and more while watching prime time television.

We all know some sort of transformed, digital, social, beautifully redesigned television system is seemingly just around the corner, which means attention will shift back onto the first screen again. So perhaps this sort of merger is just a warning rumble ahead of the truly disruptive earthquake.

[Image: Flickr user crazysphinx]