Google Cancels Christmas

Well, in Android 4.2, anyway. Yep, developers at the mobile OS left the month of December off the calendar of its People/Contacts App.


‘Twas a month before Christmas and Old Dr. Goog
Sat in the Goog cave playing his Moog
Belting out White Christmas in a Waikiki Style
When in rushed an Android, face bereft of a smile.


December! December! It squawked with great fear.
We’ve left out December on our Calendar Year!

With a flick of his wrist, Dr. Goog slapped the ‘droid.
“Are you telling me Christmas is now null and void?
A vacuum? Zilch? Nada? What will traders say?
What about Ad Words? They’ll be wasting away!

“Get me,” he boomed “Android’s Chief Engineer
“Or I’ll make you forget the meaning of good cheer.”
A cringe and a fawn and the ‘Bot bowed away,
Knowing he’d be toast by the end of the day.


(With apologies to Dr. Seuss, Clement Clarke Moore, and all of humanity.)

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