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Taliban Accidentally Leaks Their Email List

A public relations representative for the Afghanistani militant movement accidentally CC-ed all addresses on the organization's mailing list to subscribers, including prominent journalists, academics, and local politicians.

Taliban Accidentally Leaks Their Email List

Note: If you're a terrorist organization, BCC is your friend. A Taliban spokesperson's misstep resulted in all addresses on the Afghanistani militant movement's email list being disclosed to the public. ABC News' Muhammad Lila reports that Qari Yousuf Ahmedi, an official representative for the movement, accidentally used CC: instead of BCC: on a mass Taliban communication. Ahmedi forwarded a press release he received from another Taliban spokesperson in a mass email; instead of moving the CCs from the previous email to BCC, they stayed intact.

Although most of the 400-odd names on the Taliban's mailing list belonged to local and international journalists, they also included several Afghan politicians, academics, activists, and a representative from warlord Gulbuddein Hekmatar of the outlawed Hezb-i-Islami organization.

[Image: Wikimedia user bluuurgh]