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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Portal 2, Smartest Cities, And More

This week we take a look at how teachers are using Valve's Portal 2 to great effect in the classroom, and how thought exercises can improve your confidence and erase your doubts. These stories and more in this week's top stories.

10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Portal 2, Smartest Cities, And More

1. How Portal 2 Developers Became The Best 6th Grade Physics Teachers Ever
Fast Company
Your mother was wrong, games are good for your brain!

2. An App That Turns Any Surface Into An iPhone Keyboard
This almost functional app allows you to make an external keyboard out of almost anything.

3. The One Career Mistake That'll Set You Back $500,000
Fast Company
Never fail to negotiate. It will cost you dearly.

4. The Top 10 Smartest European Cities
These cities are leading the charge toward carbon neutrality and sustainable living.

5. The Aha! Moments That Made Paul Graham's Y Combinator Possible
Fast Company
The story behind one of the most successful incubators of all time, Y Combinator.

6. Rebranding Every Team In The NFL
Matt McInerney's controversial NFL logo redesigns. He will probably not be getting the NFL contract.

7. The 20-Minute Exercise To Eradicate Negative Thinking
Fast Company
Self honesty, introspection, and these simple exercises can liberate you from negative thoughts.

8. The Employee-Motivation Checklist
Fast Company
These intuitive management tips will ensure that your team is in top shape.

9. Snappy Posters That Poke Fun At Clients From Hell
Check out these posters (derived from crazy client quotes) the next time your clients utter something absurd. It sure beats hitting your head on your desk.

10. Fantasy Deathmatch: "Game Of Thrones" Vs. "Lord of the Rings" As Decided By George R.R. Martin
Who would win in a fight between Westeros and Middle Earth? George R.R. Martin shares his thoughts on some epic matchups. Jamie Lannister over Aragorn? I think not...

Check out our favorite stories from around the web this week.

1. Her Idea: An Illustrated Allegory about Procrastination and the Creative Process
Brain Pickings
Imaginative illustrations tell the all too familiar story of creative procrastination.

2. Reimagining Buildings Of The Past With The Materials Of The Future
Architectural experts weigh in on how we could improve some of our most famous buildings.

3. Watch Mitt Romney's Facebook Fan Count Drop Every Time You Hit "Refresh"
Feeling sadistic? Watch Mitt Romney fade into obscurity on Facebook.

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