Google’s Maps App For iOS Close To Completion

Now let’s look to Cupertino to see how long it takes Apple to greenlight its rival’s mapping app.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is putting the finishing touches on an iOS app of its mapping service. (Is that cheering I can hear in the distance?) Mountain View has, apparently, sent a test version for non-Googlers to try out and, should said version be good to go, it will be sent to Cupertino for approval. And, this being the post-Steve Apple, they will likely approve it–or risk incurring the ire of their customers.


This new version also contains turn-by-turn navigation, which was one of the reasons Apple gave Google the bum’s rush when it released iOS 6 sans Google Maps, saying that they were saving their best features for the Android OS. Which they were–wouldn’t you, if you had developed rival smartphone software and wanted to sell great crates of it around the world?

Anyhoo, when the iOS version of Google Maps does get released into the wild, we will be able to see just how far Apple has come with its mapping service. The firm has said it will improve as it ages, and Tim Cook penned a full-bodied apology. A sommelier might have described the mea culpa as mature, containing strong hints of oak, but pleasingly free from that fruity aftertaste so beloved of some new-world vinyards–sorry, I’m drowning in w(h)ine metaphors here. What I meant to say was that Cook’s Maps apology was a world away from some Apple apologies we could mention.

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