“Homeland” Executive Producer Howard Gordon On How Work/Family Isn’t An Either/Or Proposition

What did you learn in 2012 that you will carry forth with you into 2013?

“The thing I learned in 2012 was that my resolution from 2011 to slow down my hectic work schedule and spend more time with my family was hollow. I realized work and family are not a zero sum proposition. Despite my insistence to the contrary, I enjoy the creative chaos that goes into making a television show–and although it’s sometimes difficult, I have somehow managed to spend good time with my family. So rather than make any great pronouncements about slowing down, I am going to embrace the chaos in 2013.”

Follow-up: “I guess it wasn’t too clear. By zero sum, I meant that I realized that work/family isn’t an either/or proposition. You CAN cultivate and thrive in both aspects of your life, but it requires having the will to be present for both. I also realized that each also feeds the other. When I’m thriving at work (as long as I’m not too stressed) I feel better about myself as a father and a husband.”

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