Seventh Generation Cofounder Jeffrey Hollender On Rewriting The Rules

What did you learn in 2012 that you will carry forth with you into 2013?

“As I reflect on Seventh Generation 25th Anniversary (this October,) and my 23 years as CEO & co-founder, it’s clear that Seventh Generation was exceptionally effective at breaking many of the rules others assumed business was confined to work with-in. From Change-it, where we collaborated with Greenpeace to train environmental activists, to being the first company to provide full ingredient disclosure and radical transparency about our success as well as our often spectacular failures, to Tampontification–our online dialog with women and their period and WAGES, where we helped launch green cleaning cooperatives in San Francisco with low income Latina women.

“But as I survey the state of the country, it’s clear that what we now need is a concerted effort to change the rules–not just create more exceptions to them.

“The American Sustainable Business Council is doing just that. This organization, I co-founded two years ago, as a counterpoint to the U.S. Chamber, is now 150,000 businesses strong are working to rewrite the legislative rules to ensure a more just, equitable and sustainable future. Most important, is campaign finance reform and overturning the Citizen’s United decision.”

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