The Second City Communications CEO Tom Yorton On Making Content Pop For Companies, Too

What I’ve learned this year:

“I’ve learned that social media tools and techniques are making it possible to reach internal and B2B audiences in new, fresh ways. Previously, we’d think of messages and videos going ‘viral’ in a consumer context only, but with the rise of the social enterprise, it’s possible to reach, engage and persuade internal and B2B audiences with the same kind of fun, interactive content that was once reserved for consumer marketing. In fact, it’s become necessary to do this, because people (and especially millennials) have an expectation of interactivity and engagement in everything.”

How it’ll impact us in 2013:

“We’re actively developing our social capabilities in our branded content and internal communications work with corporate clients. We’re refining our natural advantages (the ability to create short form funny content and the ability to interact with audiences through improv on the web) to create breakthrough services. It’s a fun time for us… applying our venerable skills in new ways.”

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