PepsiCo Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini On Spreading The Design Gospel

What did you learn in 2012 that you will carry forth with you into 2013?

“This year I had dialogues with six different big corporations. They’re creating from scratch a chief design officer. It’s understood now that somehow there is value there. The business community is exposed to this, but doesn’t know what real design is. They start by hiring a design firm with no clue how to leverage them. They invest the money but aren’t able to leverage the best way to use them. The first challenge for me, in 3M and now at Pepsi, is to educate about what design really is. It’s one of the challenges of doing business today.

“Today, with the global market, you cannot win on just innovation on one dimension. You need to innovate on both dimensions. The difficulty for many of these corporations is they’re divided in silos within. We cannot exist if we don’t collaborate and connect. In reality design is a cross of different functions.”

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