Andreessen Horowitz General Partner John O’Farrell On How We Think Being As Important As What We Think

What’s the biggest lesson you learned in 2012?

“I read Daniel Kahneman’s excellent book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, and it made me aware of how the intuitive, automatic fast-moving side of our minds has far more of an effect on our decision-making than we realize. As an engineer and business school graduate, I like to think of myself as a rational thinker who reaches logical conclusions through a process of methodical thought. Kahneman makes a compelling case that our intuitive mind is ‘the secret author of many of the choices and judgments’ that we make, and can cause us to feel high confidence in our conclusions even when they are wrong.”

How do you think you’ll apply it in 2013?

“I’m hoping to improve my investment decision-making, by paying much closer attention to the real process by which I reach conclusions individually and in a group setting. I suspect there’ll be applications in my personal life also!”

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