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What did you learn in 2012 that you will carry forth with you into 2013?

"The biggest lesson I learned in 2012 is that progress isn't always linear. I can work hard to move toward my goals, but there's all kinds of change happening – circumstance I can't control—that can exert its own force, shifting me sideways, too. I think in the past I had some appreciation for having to overcome the change in direction to get 'back on track,' but now I think there's a ton of room for growth in that unplanned space itself.

"How will I apply it in the year ahead? I’m trying to get more comfortable with the tension between my chronic can’t-sit-still/goal-oriented nature, and the fact that life – personal, professional—isn’t an agenda that you can plan and control for, so that I can acquiesce a bit more, even within my pretty structured/scheduled days. And I hope it works. In fact, I’m planning on it. Oh, wait... "

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