Union Square Hospitality Group CEO Danny Meyer On Leading With Purpose

What I Learned This Year
“In 2012 I learned more deeply than ever that the success of our organization depends upon a never-ending leadership commitment to articulating, teaching, embodying, and executing the purpose of our company. Our employees, customers, communities, suppliers-partners, and investors–are increasingly interested in understanding why they should want to be part of our business. They enjoy the pride of being associated with a well-run and profitable company, but well beyond that–they are demanding that we display an even deeper meaning behind the transaction of doing business together.

How to Apply in 2013
“I’ve always known that intuitively, but in the year ahead I’ll commit to being far more intentional in leading a purpose-driven business. That will allow us to continue to attract and retain team members whose work will keep our restaurants and other businesses at the top of our game.”

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