Gogobot CEO Travis Katz On Not Growing Attached To What You’ve Built

Lessons Learned 2012

“We continue to focus on meeting the needs of our core audience–the traveler–to make it easier for them to find places they will love in any city in the world. In some cases, doing this has meant not growing too attached to what we have already built. This year, we had to let go of our identity as a web company to follow our users into mobile, which was challenging given the awards and recognition the Gogobot website has received. However, with the massive shift of users into the mobile space, we knew we had to double down to keep pace with the market. And we did–launching tailored experiences for iPhone, Android, tablets and the mobile web to empower our users to better explore, plan, book and share the perfect trip wherever they are, on any device. The results have been phenomenal, with a quadrupling in registered users and a 42 percent increase in the share of traffic coming to Gogobot via mobile.”

How we will apply it in the year ahead

“In 2013, we will continue to leverage mobile and the social graph to create a more beautiful, more personalized user experience. We see a massive opportunity to leverage the data we are capturing to make Gogobot the smartest travel search engine out there. Users are telling us that traditional search does not work for travel, that traditional review sites are too generic to be trusted, and that they want instant results, personalized to them, wherever they are. It’s a significant challenge, so we are investing heavily in artificial intelligence to address it and hope to see the beginning of this vision realized in 2013.”

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