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Order Up! OpenTable Partners With Locu To Bring Real-Time Menus To Restaurants

By spending less time updating frequently changing menus, OpenTable restaurants are free to focus on booking more reservations.

Order Up! OpenTable Partners With Locu To Bring Real-Time Menus To Restaurants

Depending on where you're poring over a restaurant's menu—its own website, an app, a Facebook page—the dishes you're drooling over might not necessarily be available when you finally sit down to dig in.

That's because for each place a restaurant posts its online menu, it has to make separate updates and changes to reflect its current offerings.

When we covered Locu last month, that was the exact problem CEO Rene Reinsberg said the company was trying to solve. Locu lets merchants change their menu offerings on its platform, then pushes updates to all online channels hosting the menu.

Today Locu is launching a partnership with OpenTable, giving the online reservation platform's restaurants the ability to keep their menus as up to date as their number of open tables. Reinsberg says the partnership will let OpenTable's 26,000 restaurants easily update their menus right on their profile page so customers don't have to leave the site to look for them.

"Wherever people look for data, especially specific things like menus that people search for a lot, that's really the value we can bring to round off the engagement," Reinsberg says.

[Image: Flickr user Robert S. Donovan]

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