ARM CEO Warren East On Connecting The Unconnected

What’s the biggest lesson you learned in 2012?

“For me, one of the most interesting things about 2012 was seeing the Internet of Things emerge from the Internet of Silos–an unconnected world that offers less value to both consumers and businesses–and move quickly toward a reality that will transform the way we work, play and interact with society. Everyday objects like street lights, household appliances and medical devices are gaining intelligence and becoming connected. This is already starting to save energy, save money and save lives. While it’s not a new concept and we’ve been talking about it for some time, what we learned in 2012 was exactly how fast the Internet of Things is finally happening. This is important because it foreshadows the rate of change we will see in technology over the next few years–not just in the devices we carry, such as smartphones and tablets, but also in the technology making everything happen behind the scenes.”

How will we apply this lesson in 2013?

“In 2020 everything that can benefit from an Internet connection will have one, creating the biggest dispersed network we’ve ever known. This development has huge potential to help use energy and natural resources more efficiently, make smarter decisions in managing our communities, monitor health more effectively and to improve lives. The Internet of Things also represents an opportunity to drive innovation and growth for worldwide economies. In 2013 we will increase our efforts to help businesses whose people and products are new to technology to become familiar and at ease with it, and to become part of this revolution. Let’s hope unleashing creativity on a wider scale will make life safer, cleaner and better for everyone.”

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