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Where Are They Now?

Most Innovative Company Kickstarter Makes Blockbusters

Since we named Kickstarter one of our Most Innovative Companies in 2012, it's funded a string of hits.

Most Innovative Company Kickstarter Makes Blockbusters

This was the year of the blockbuster Kickstarter project. In February, iPhone station Elevation Dock became the first individual Kickstarter project to raise more than $1 million. Four hours later, a game called Double Fine Adventure became the second. Another 15 projects have followed since. The Pebble Smartwatch raised $10 million—more than the entire technology category raised in in the three years prior combined. Startup game counsel Ouya raised $8.6 million.

Nine of the million-dollar projects are games. Six of them are gadgets. All of them are anomalies.

Most Kickstarter projects raise less than $10,000 and fall into the music, film, and video categories. Technology is actually the smallest category on the site, though it accounts for the fifth-most revenue (even with superstar gadget projects like Elevation Dock, Pebble and Ouya technically classified elsewhere).

Kickstarter’s blockbuster projects—not representative, but most visible—are mascots for the massive increase in overall scale the site experienced this year. Its total number of projects has grown from 50,000 projects in April to more than 77,000 projects just seven months later. Funding has kept pace. In the startup’s first three years, its projects together raised raised about $150 million. Since February, they’ve raised another $200 million.

[Image: Flickr user Stephan Geyer]