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Nokia Maps Is Here

Nokia is taking advantage of the mapo-a-mapo fisticuffs between Apple and Google to rebrand its own mapping service. Now called Here, the service uses LiveSight technology to give users their maps in 3-D—always useful—and will be available as an iOS app, an Android API, Mozilla OS tool, and in HTML5 form for browsers.

Here sure looks good in Chrome—see the 3-D Gherkin at the top of the post. Amazon ditched Google maps in favor of Nokia's mapping API on its Kindle Fires earlier this year, and for good reason. There's a discreet little ad bar at the bottom that's powered by Groupon, heat-sensitive areas that show you the local hotspots, and bright, sunny views of the streets. TNW has done an extensive test of Here on the various platforms and it's worth a read.