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Google Fiber Is Up And Running. Fast

Google Fiber* is a go. The switch was flipped on the project yesterday, and the download speeds make a bat out of hell look tardy, according to one Kansas City resident. "We just got it today and I've been stuck in front of my laptop for the last few hours," Mike Demarais told Ars Technica. "It's unbelievable. I'm probably not going to leave the house.**"

The deal is this: $70 per month gets you speeds of 1 Gbps. Up it to $120 a month and you get the holy trinity: TV, Internet, and a data storage system, with a Nexus 7 tablet to use as a remote control. According to Demarais, speeds are already running at around 700 Mbps with an Ethernet cable, and 200 Mbps on Wi-Fi. To sell it better to customers, Google released a YouTube video showing just why they're more fly than your average cable guy.

*Not Mountain View's attempt to go in hard into the breakfast cereal market, after the board unanimously rejected the names Cheerioogs, Goolden Grahams, and Gooesli.

** Mike. Mike. You'll get ill.