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Michelle Rhee, George Parker Talk Tenure, Report Cards, And Innovation In Teaching

In a highlight from Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored event in San Francisco, Students First founder Rhee says teachers should be graded, while Washington (D.C.) Teachers Union president Parker says treat teachers' contracts more like those of sports stars.

George Parker was indeed uncensored in sharing his thoughts on education reform at Fast Company’s recent Innovation Uncensored panel. Parker, a former public school teacher and president of the Washington (D.C.) Teachers Union, called himself a "reformed union leader." He no longer advocates an approach that evaluates, protects, and compensates teachers uniformly across the board. "Forget about tenure, forget about seniority," Parker says.

Michelle Rhee, founder of Sacramento-based education reform group Students First, believes that teachers should receive report cards. Rhee, who served as chancellor of Washington D.C.’s public school district, illustrated the need for greater transparency by sharing a story that tested her role as both an educator and a parent.