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Expect More Mobile Attacks In 2013: Report

A new study by online security firm Websense predicts a sharp rise in cross-platform attacks aimed at otherwise secure Android and Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

Expect More Mobile Attacks In 2013: Report

Online security firm Websense's 2013 security predictions, released Tuesday, predict a sharp rise in cross-platform exploits aimed at otherwise largely secure Microsoft and Android mobile devices. Security has been a major selling point for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform.

Other predictions for 2013 include hactivists switching from DDoS attacks to more sophisticated offensive measures, and a rise in nation-states entering the cyberwar sphere. "The risk to organizations continues to be amplified by the frailty of human curiosity," Websense's Charles Renert said "It’s now expanding across diverse mobile platforms, evolving content management systems and an ever-increasing population of online users."

[Image: Flickr user byronv2]