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Cyber Attacks Are On The Increase, Warns Defense Firm

One of the biggest names in defense claims that hackers are adopting a new tack on infiltrating computer systems. According to Chandra McMahon, VP and Chief Security Officer of Lockheed Martin, cyber-criminals are targeting firms that supply their main targets and attempting to get in via the back door. She cited an attack on RSA, a firm that supplies Lockheed Martin with secure ID tokens.

"The adversary was able to get information from RSA and then they were also able to steal information from another supplier of ours, and they were able to put those two pieces of information together and launch an attack on us," she said. Although she declined to name who is behind the attack, the fingers point at either China or Iran.

The warning comes just a month after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told New York business chiefs that, when it came to cyber-security, the Government was ready to fight fire with fire. There is even talk of the "Cyberdraft", signing civilian geeks up to strengthen the NSA.