Gift Giving Gets Creative: Ideas From The Minds Of Madewell, Airbnb, Polyvore, And Story

We asked five of the most creative people we know to pick the gifts they’d most like to receive (or give) this season–because if you can please people with eyes this discerning, you can easily wow a picky mom or dad.

Gift Giving Gets Creative: Ideas From The Minds Of Madewell, Airbnb, Polyvore, And Story

The Gift: Stump Stool

By Kieran Kinsella
Wanted by: Kin Ying Lee
Head designer, Madewell
“It would be amazing to receive one of these ‘stumps’. I first saw Kinsella’s work at BDDW, one of my favorite stores in New York. Each stool is carved out of fallen trees found near his upstate studio; he adds nothing. You get his great aesthetic and the great story.” (Price on request,


1 The Gift: The Present

By Mssng Peces
The Giver: Rachel Shechtman
Founder, Story
“I like things that are new, different, and relevant. ThePresent is an example of all of those things: It’s an annual clock that tells time in seasons, and it takes a full year for the hand to make just one complete circle. Subtle gradients of color mark the equinoxes and solstices. Film studio Mssng Peces developed it as an art project and is now bringing it to market.” ($240,

2 The Gift: iPhone Ultimate Kit

By Photojojo
The Giver: Jess Lee
CEO, Polyvore
“I never carry my digital camera anymore. I like the instant gratification of immediately posting photos from my phone, which becomes all the easier with this iPhone kit. It comes with a few iPhone lenses, a tripod, and an easy carrying case.” ($80,

3 The Gift: Gripster

By Native Union
The Giver: Shechtman
“The Gripster is the newest and coolest iPad case on the market. It has a patented handle on it that allows you to comfortably hold the iPad while working with it–and it has full 365-degree rotation. It doubles as a stand so you can work at any angle on your work surface.” ($50,

1 The Gift: Le Corbusier le Grand

By Phaidon Press
The Giver: Todd Selby
“This is one of my favorite books to send to people as a present. It’s oversize, really heavy, and superfun to crack open and flip through the famed architect’s journals, and see intimate photos of him at his designs.” ($200,

2 The Gift: Dieter Rams: As Little Design as Possible

By Phaidon Press
The Giver: Joe Gebbia
Chief Product Officer, Airbnb
“This book features timeless lessons from the industrial designer, and they are essential for anyone work-ing in the space. His 10 principles of good design are applicable to work and play, thinking, and living.”

3 The Gift: Novel

By Herschel Supply Co. Brand
The Giver: Gebbia
“This duffel is practical, well designed, and worthy of international travel. It’s carry-on size and includes a zippered shoe compartment.” ($80,


1 The Gift: Pivot Power Mini

By Quirky
The Giver: Shechtman
“I fell in love with this gadget’s big brother, the Pivot Power, a while ago. But now, this smaller version transforms from a single socket into two outlets and two USB ports–and it’s collapsible. A no-brainer and the perfect gift for anyone.” ($25,

2 The Gift: Beatrix

By Dannijo
The Giver: Jess Lee
“I love the Beatrix ring. Danielle and Jodie Snyder, sisters and the two designers behind Dannijo, are really cool–and like them, their work always makes a bold statement.” ($245,

1 The Gift: Copic Sketch 72pc a Set

By Copic
Wanted by: Jess Lee
“I’ve been wanting to learn how to use color markers. Copic is the brand that professional Japanese manga artists use. My dream is to one day draw a graphic novel.” ($500,

2 The Gift: Twilight Zone Pump

By Reebok
The Giver: Gebbia
“Good design never goes out of style. These shoes were introduced when I was in middle school, and Reebok is still creating updated versions and new color pairings. They’re still perfect for the court–or, these days, for the boardroom.” ($120,

Photos by Joel Stans; Prop Styling: Erin Swift; Metal Sculptures: Soraya Ltd.