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Being In The Dog House May Not Be So Bad For Kenya Hara's Pups

Kenya Hara, art director of Muji, has launched a new project and company called Architecture for Dogs. Twelve design teams were each assigned a breed of dog for which to design, and the resulting projects (which are available as downloadable blueprints, so you can build your own) are tailored to suit breed personality. But can architecture really scream "poodle"? Try to guess which design below is for which dog.

(1) The stairs put the pup at eye level with a seated human.
(2) The gentle incline lets dogs safely climb to new heights.
(3) This personalized accessory provides cozy comfort.

(a) The tiny teacup poodle strains its neck to see its owner.
(b) Chihuahuas feel safest in small, warm places.
(c) Dachshunds are prone to spinal disc problems.

Answers: 1, A. 2, C. 3, B.

A version of this article appeared in the December 2012/January 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine.