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Chuck Jones Brings Design To Rubbermaid Brands
Chuck Jones

In September, Chuck Jones, one of our 2005 Masters of Design, joined Newell Rubbermaid as its first chief design and R&D officer. It's the latest corporate gig for Jones, who designed furniture for Herman Miller and copiers for Xerox before overseeing design at Whirlpool and Masco. At Newell, he aims to create "an enlightened corporate design culture" across three dozen brands—from Sharpie to Calphalon—that generate around $6 billion in annual revenue. "Historically, these businesses did their own thing," Jones says. "My role is to get them to the same level of design excellence. Great design doesn't happen by accident."

A version of this article appeared in the December 2012/January 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine.