Reader’s Feedback: October 2012

Your comments, tweets and, yes, gripes about the October 2012 issue.

Reader’s Feedback: October 2012
Eric Daigh (Pinterest)

Design Masters

From Pinterest to Microsoft, our Innovation by Design issue explored the best of the design world–and took a sneak peek at the best that’s yet to come.


I’m a graphic designer for a small company and upon reading “Starring Ben Silbermann as the Pinup Kid,” I really felt this quote from Pinterest CEO Silbermann: “At a small company, so much of the trick is focus.” The ironic part is Pinterest actively takes away focus from people.
Kristen Terebesi
Glenmoore, Pennsylvania

Apple is great at industrial design, but its bungling shift toward skeuomorphism is a major chink in the Apple design armor. As a longtime Apple user, I thank Microsoft for this long overdue and obvious approach to user interface and experience design (“Microsoft Wipes the Slate”). If I see any more fake wood grain in the next OS update, I think I’ll switch to Windows.
Joseph Coates

Scott Forstall at Apple is not a dumb man. Society had a debate about stripped-down, functionalist design in architecture a long time ago. As I recall, people thought it was stultifyingly sterile and impersonal. I get the same impression from Microsoft’s Metro UI: It’s an interface for design aesthetes, not ordinary people. Sure, iCal could lose the leather stitching, but retaining the appearance of real-world objects in a computer interface gives the digital world much-needed warmth.
Jerome Chen
Los Angeles

“Good Design Is Good Business” may be the best pull-it-all-together-and-spell-it-out article about the value of design I’ve ever read. Thank you.
Steven Leighton
Monterrey, Mexico


Next up, Zuckerberg in post-it notes. RT @FastCompany watch this guy draw @Pinterest‘s CEO using 22,765 pushpins

Reading the cover article in @FastCompany mag and discovered that the CEO of @Pinterest is only 30. #Motivation


duh #itscrack RT @FastCompany: In January, @Pinterest surpassed 10 million monthly unique visitors; by April doubled

Inspiring, ingenious #design solutions. @FastCompany‘s ’12 Innovation by Design Awards.

Enjoying @FastCompany‘s Innovation by Design issue. “Only design has that power to seduce and delight.”

From the bottom up RT @FastCompany: Insiders open up on how Steve Ballmer is (or isn’t) reshaping design at Microsoft

The average time of a visit at Pinterest is 15 minutes and 50 seconds (source: @FastCompany). I believe that is what we call engagement.

October’s @FastCompany has a fascinating read on the genesis of @Pinterest. So hilarious that Ben Silbermann pinned bugs as a kid.


More #Windows8 design buzz from @FastCompany. “Microsoft is showing the way to higher, cleaner, more functional design.” #ohsnap