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How BuzzFeed, Xerox, And TaskRabbit Execs Found Their Ways As Leaders

Who advised you during a recent transition?

"Scott Griffith, CEO of Zipcar. He has taken an early-stage startup all the way through IPO. He's seen everything. Those are the types of mentors that I lean on when I'm making big, strategic decisions."
Leah Busque, CEO, TaskRabbit

What has made you a better leader?

"I do improv comedy. My improv only got better when I took the focus off myself and looked to the other people onstage. I had to make their contributions amazing. As a leader, you try to get out of the way of the people who make contributions—and then be there to shine a light on the best parts."
Jeff Greenspan, chief creative officer, BuzzFeed

How do you lead by example?

"Celebrate impatience. I read somewhere that patience is the art of pretending you're not impatient. But forget about that. Be an example and let your impatience show. It's a way to express the passion—that fire in the belly—for what you do."
Ursula Burns, CEO, Xerox

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[Illustrations by Joel Kimmel]

A version of this article appeared in the December 2012/January 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine.