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YouTube To Reinvest In Less Than Half Of Its Channels

This week, YouTube starts its second round of investing in its TV channels—but expect only 40% of the existing 160 channels to receive funding. Any channel wondering whether it is going to be on the right end of a fistful of Google dollars should focus on its hours. Jamie Byrne, YouTube's director of Content Strategy, will be looking at the amount of time channels are being watched, not how much money they are bringing in, or how many views they've had.

Given the fact that TV viewing is becoming increasingly Internet-centric, Google has decided it wants a slice of that pie. Hence the drive to monetize YouTube by reaping the advertising revenue from more sophisticated content than viral videos, and partnering up with established broadcasters who know what they are doing. For a good-ish idea of which channels will survive, it's worth looking at the advertising industry's rankings here.

[Ed. Note: The headline of this story was changed to more accurately reflect YouTube's funding changes.]