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Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Number One Smartphone Worldwide

The King is dead, long live the King - or, to paraphrase Henry Carey: Apple must now its post resign, Samsung's the only God of Whine. According to research firm Strategy Analytics, the Galaxy S3 is now the world's top-selling smartphone, selling an estimated 18 million devices compared to Apple's 16.2 million in Q312.

Such success may, however, be short-lived, as Apple's newest model, the iPhone 5the iPhone 5, was only released into the wild in September 2012, and one analyst expects it to be top dog once again by the end of the year. Expect the sniping between the two firms to get worse, however. Yesterday, the U.S. Patents Office granted Cupertino ownership over the external shape of an iPad, although The Verge wonders just how useful such a broad patent— a rectangle with rounded corners— will be. A roundtangle?