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Twitter Feeds Of China Watchers Hacked

With the U.S. election over, all eyes are on China and the Communist Party's National Congress. Yes, once again it's that time of the decade when when the country's ruling party welcomes its new leader to take the podium. And, as outgoing Premier Hu Jintao began his speech, warning his comrades against corruption, it has been revealed that some prominent names have had their Twitter accounts tampered with.

Amongst the hacked were Tsinghua University academic Patrick Chovanec, the China Media Project, Adam Minter, and Christina Larson. As always with cases like these, the finger points at nationalist hackers, either sanctioned by or not sanctioned by the government. One firm who fell foul of the dark side of China's Internet was Google, whose corporate site was hacked after it decided to stop censoring content on its Chinese site. When the site was censored, the firm had no option but to pull out of China: as a result, its market share on both search and maps is on the wane.