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North Korean State Airline Launches Website, Online Booking

North Korean state airline Air Koryo has joined the digital age: The one-star carrier launched a website in late October that offers online booking. Air Koryo, the country's flag carrier, flies international routes from Pyongyang to Beijing, Vladivostok, Russia, and several other international destinations. According to a Reuters report, a business-class ticket from Pyongyang to Beijing costs $374; the country's GDP hovers around $1,800 per person and citizens are routinely denied from flying abroad.

Although customers can now reserve Air Koryo tickets online—as long as they can get an international wire transfer to the credit card-averse North Korean authorities—riders will have serious safety concerns. Air Koryo flights were banned from the European Union in 2007 due to pervasive and systematic safety concerns with their fleet, and British travel firm Skytrax rates them as the world's only one-star airline.

[Image: Wikimedia user Stefan Krasowski]