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Apple Loses One Patent Battle in Texas, Seeks To Extend Another In California

An East Texas judge has ordered Apple to pay $368.2 million dollars in damages to VirnetX, a patent holding company. Cupertino is expected to appeal the ruling, which refers to virtual-private network technology used in FaceTime. VirnetX, which has cases against Cisco, Siemens, and Avaya, won $105.75 million from Microsoft in 2010.

Apple, meanwhile, is seeking to extend an existing lawsuit against its very own Hooded Claw, aka Samsung. At federal court in San Jose yesterday, it argued that the Korean firm's Galaxy Note 10.1 infringes patents it holds, and also tried to add Android's Jelly Bean OS to the suit. Judge Paul S. Grewal refused to issue a ruling, saying that a denial of both sides' requests might lead to even more lawsuits.