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Microsoft Reveals Strategy Turning Towards Entertainment And Content

If you still see Microsoft mainly as a firm to do business with, think again. As well as its foray into hardware, the software giant has been busy boosting its power in the entertainment and content world. Ahead of today's Halo 4 release The Verge has revealed that plans are underfoot at Redmond to develop a gaming tablet, the Xbox Surface. It's a seven-incher and its production has so far been kept apart from existing Xbox lines. And if that wasn't enough, an intriguing job ad has gone up on the Microsoft Careers website, looking for people to work on the firm's new Cloud TV platform. Is there going to be an Xbox TV in the offing?

Microsoft has already shown its predilection for controlling the living room. Last month it launched Xbox Music, a streaming service that works across both mobile and home-entertainment devices. The firm also announced the demise of Windows Live Messenger yesterday. The service will be shut down next year in every territory save China. This will leave it free to concentrate on Skype, which it bought in 2011 for $8.5 billion.