Tablet Sales Show No Sign Of Slowing

But Apple’s market share drops by 9%, even though over one in every two tablets shipped was designed in Cupertino.

Over 27 million tablets were shipped worldwide in Q3, an increase of almost 50% year-on-year. The figures, released by IDC, show that top dog is still Apple, at 50.8%, but its market share has slipped by 9.3% year-on-year, and 16% since the last quarter. Apple’s bete noir, Samsung, turned out the most impressive performance, shipping 5.1 million units–up by 115% from 2Q12. Amazon’s market share was up, to 9%, meaning, as with yesterday’s smartphone news, Android is pushing hard in the tablet market.


Apple’s introduction of the Mini may be a defensive move, but it, along with the iPad 4, notched up three million in sales on its first weekend. There is a lot of talk about how Apple is currently on the back foot, and it’s certainly finding itself battling competitors on several fronts. Yesterday’s dismissal of its patent suit against Google by a U.S. judge cannot have come as welcome news.

And with the rumor that Samsung is poised to rebrand itself as a cool firm–expect to see how cool it is at CES in January 2013–is it too much to expect yet another lawsuit slung in the direction of the Korean multiconglomerate? Samsung, it appears, is violating Apple’s cool.

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