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Coca-Cola Hacked Ahead Of Proposed Takeover Of Chinese Firm

The I.T. system of Coca-Cola was hacked ahead of a planned takeover of a Chinese drinks firm, Bloomberg reports today. The attack happened over three years ago, and the first executives at the drinks firm knew of it was when they were contacted by the F.B.I., six months after they had started the process of buying up the China Huiyan Juice Co.

The infiltration was thought to have happened through an infected email sent to the then DP of Coke's Pacific Group. A month later, the Coca-Cola-Huiyan deal fell through, after the Ministry of Commerce in China rejected it for anti-trust reasons.

The news, part of a lengthy piece on cyber security in large corporations, comes on the same day that the Anonymous group of hackers infiltrated several websites, including Lady Gaga's, NBC and the Australian Government. The hackers also claim to have hacked PayPal and Symantec.