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iPad Mini Goes On Sale To Smaller Crowds

Apple's pint-sized version of its iPad tablet has gone on sale today, with people pointing out the shorter lines as being a sign of slower, smaller sales. This, however, may be down to Apple tweaking its collection policy, giving buyers a specific time to come and pick up their purchase. Expect East Coast deliveries to be seriously disrupted by Sandy—Apple's Lower Manhattan stores are closed until "conditions improve."

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster weighed in with his sales estimates, suggesting that the Mini would only sell half as much in its first weekend as the full-sized iPad did, although he did add that the device would, ultimately, sell well once they became available from the cellphone networks.

Meanwhile, Apple's statement as requested by a U.K. judge has found its way into British newspapers. Note that beautifully-worded final sentence. Again.